Hazardouus Waste Management


Before purchasing of any vessel for recycling, the most important document a ship-owner submits is “Inventory of Hazardous Materials” (IHM).

IHM is one of the most crucial documents for carrying out sustainable green ship recycling without tampering with Human Health and Environment.

IHM lays down different types of hazardous wastes a vessel is carrying and also specifies the location which makes it less time consuming for the ship recyclers to locate such hazardous wastes.


Following procedures and methods adopted by Shree Ram Group:
  • Marking and labelling of hazardous materials on the vessel as mentioned in the IHM; Management and handling of Hazardous materials as per the Ship Recycling Facility Plan;
  • Disposal options are also made available in the Ship Recycling Facility Plan pertaining to the individual hazardous material laid down in the IHM.
  • Only trained competent persons are made part of the HAZMAT team who shall under supervision of the Management/ HSE Team carry out removal of Hazardous Material on vessel and safely store at temporary storage area in the yard.
  • HSE Team intimates dedicated facility who shall collect the wastes stored in the yard and issue the Manifest.
  • The job is yet not over. HSE Team member shall periodically visit the sites of the waste collector and monitors the activities carried out by them. Based on their performance, they are graded in the list of vendors.